30-minute Walk:  $20.00
45-minute Walk:  $25.00
60-minute Walk:  $30.00
Second Dog:  Add $10.00


30-minute Run:  $25.00
45-minute Run:  $30.00
Second Dog:  Add $10.00


PupPy or
older dog relief*

One Dog/One visit:  $15.00
One Dog/Two visits:  $25.00
Second Dog:  Add $10.00

Dog Hikes

60-minute Hike:  $30.00
Second Dog:  Add $10.00

Dog Boarding*

One Dog:  $60.00
Second Dog:  Add $25.00
Holiday fee:  Add $15.00/night*


PUPPY Boarding**

One puppy:  $75.00
Under one year


cleaning fee

One dog:  $5.00
includes full bath

*Holidays are the day before and the day after: New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus the Friday-Monday of MLK, President's Day, Patriot's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran's Day.

**Dog/puppy must be house trained. Cleaning fees apply if accidents occur in the house or car.